Service commitment

Service commitment


Build up first-rate brand and first-rate service

Service objective: zero compliant for product service; no customer compliant for our service;

Service standard: hospitable, considerate, prompt and efficient

Because we adhere to building up first-rate brand and first-rate service, we shall center on the clients all the time and in everything and think about the clients all along in the fierce market competition. Moreover, we shall strive to shift from “providing customers with the needed products” to “providing them with products exceeding their expectations”, so that our objective and concept of “customer foremost” will be embodied in the real sense. We have been offering users satisfaction, comfort and great ease with our sincerity, passion and wholeheartedness.

Our service objective is “zero complaint for product service and no customer complaint for our service” and our service standard is hospitable, considerate, prompt and efficient.

We have been offering first-rate service by means of standard marketing management system, sound customer service regulations and systematic service process.





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