Talent Concept

Join Nantong Huaqing Electronics Co., Ltd. to create a better future, sincerely welcome you to join our company.


Talent Strategy

Adhere to the "people-oriented" talent development mentality, focus on talent training, encourage innovative spirit, continuously cultivate and cultivate talents, and tap and develop their talents. Be passionate, work hard and do valuable things. The company shares benefits, values, and dreams with everyone to achieve the common development of employees and the company.


Talent Development

Join Nantong Huaqing Electronics Co., Ltd. and walk with successful personnel, you will surely reap a successful life! The company provides employees with a development platform and a larger development space, so that employees can give full play to their abilities, explore their potential, create work performance, and allow each employee to grow together with the company.

Recruitment position




Number of recruits

Release time

  • Salesman


    No limit



    Salary: 面议
    Years of working: No limit
    Age: Jiangsu Province||Nantong City||Haimen City
    Working place: Jiangsu Province-Nantong City-Haimen City

    Skill requirements:

    Customer representative, sales, regional sales, telephone sales, market development.

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the company's product sales in the area under its jurisdiction, the development and tracking of new customers, increase the scope of product sales, and maintain old customers.

    2. Be able to collect market information and competitor analysis in time, and give suggestions.

    3. Familiar with product knowledge, use technology and experience to coordinate and cooperate with other business personnel to complete the total sales business.

    4. Occasionally participate in foreign business activities such as exhibitions.


    1. Age: 25-40 years old, more than 2 years of sales experience, driving license is preferred.

    2. With industry knowledge and marketing experience, certain customer resources or channels are preferred.

    3. Familiar with computer operations, familiar with network applications, and proficient in operating office software.

    4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, initiative, good coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, strong learning and acceptance skills, keen market insight and strong expression skills, good service awareness, and able to withstand a certain amount Work pressure.

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