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Taptite screw

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  Taptite screwI:Characters of Triangle-thread

  1.To reduce the additional cost and the related cost of tapping process.

  2.The design of triangle teeth can serve for loose-resisting,lower down the requirement of washer tackifier.

  3.While tapping,the steel stress of mother piece is created with high density.

  4.Allowing the aperture difference of the large mother piece.

  5.It can be used in the holes of many kinds of material,and in all kinds of formations of punching,drilling,casting,squeezing,etc.

  6.After using high-frequency local carburization heat treatment,it can be used in thick deep-hole steel mother piece,and keep the strength of hardening-tempering heat treatment.

  7.It can tap the mother piece with glue, paints and remains of welding.

  8.No threading interference will be created.

  9.The pre-placed torque is always equivalent to or more than the standard of auto-lock screw.


II.Four types of triangle self-tapping screws:

1.After S TYPE general mechanical teeth,triangular screw are withdrawn,the general mechanical teeth screws with the same specification can replace them.

2.C-type,Can match with nuts.

3.B-type,same thread like B type,suitable for thin plates and plastic parts.

4.P-type,it can be used in plastic parts.


Standards: GB ANSI, JIS American Standard standard, Japanese standard, German standard, British standard DIN BS, ISO international standard
Common head types: BINDING fillister head、BUTTON Button head、BRAZ The old R Botou、FLAT Flat、OVAL Half round head、PAN Pan head、ROUND Round、TRUSS Mushroom head、HEX Six corners first class
Common types(Driver): PHILLIPS cross slots, POZIDRIV meters, SLOTTED- slot, slot TRIANGLE, SQUARE square triangular groove groove, groove, angle HEX six SIX-LOBE, TRI-WING oblique groove groove plum ya
Threading size range : 2mm-5mm
Material: SWRCH18, SWRCH22, etc.
The mechanic performance refers to the standards: GB/T3098.1-GB/T3098.17
The standard referred: GB/T、DIN、ANSI等


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