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I: Characters of tapping screw

The tapping screw is hard, and it doesn't need to make thread in the part to be connected in advance. When connecting, use the screw to directly tap out th ethread. When using, it has function of taping and locking.


II: Kinds and purpose of tapping screww

1. Tapping A teeth screw, it is sharp at front, large teeth distance, the outisde diameter is larger than B teeth/AB teeth, and it is generally used in below 1.2MM thin steel plate or brass plate/aluminum plate/ wood resin/wood, etc.

2. The tapping B teeth screw is flat tail at the head, and the teeth number/ outside diameter /teeth bottom are the same as the teeth number of AB teeth, and it is usually used for below 5MM steel plate, brass plate/aluminum plate,etc.. When used in cast iron or synthesized resin, the head needs cutting the tail.

3. The tapping AB teeth screw is sharp at the head, and the teeth number/outside diameter/teeth bottom are the same as the teeth number of B teeth, and the use function is the same as A teeth/B teeth, and only the tapping speed is different in use.

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